Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mother Earth

Mother Earth, when will your people change their ways?
Will there come a time, when we’ll see better days?
It’s my gut feeling, it’s not to be in our life time, that’s all I’ll say.
Your rivers have run long, and your trees have grown free,
But, few people care as they should; and frankly,
that’s no way to be.
Mother Earth, you’ll always be home to me.

Mother Earth, why do your inhabitants not see?
What they are doing to the land; its seas;
Dear Earth, this Native man sees...
And I know this carelessness shouldn't be.
They’re killing us all, with their careless greed.
It is my wish, we would all come together, and do
Whatever we can do, to love, honor, and protect you.
Mother Earth, you most of all; know what I say is true.

Mother Earth, how can people say they don’t care about helping out?
To clean up our land and set it right, seems to draw their mouths in a pout.
Why can’t more of your people lend a hand?
The Indian people, and a few others, are the only ones who understand.
But, one day people will know it, when they drop like flies;
But by then, will it be too late?
Let’s just see how they feel, when they realize they signed their own fate.
Mother Earth, I just wanted to let you know,
I’ll be the voice that says, I told them so.

America is my Native home;
This is where my ancestors use to roam,
Back when it was called the great Turtle Island.
Just like it says in the song, “America, the Beautiful;” this is our land.
It was untouched, pristine, not like now, its beauty, all but wiped away.
We took care of our Mother Earth, and
We still encourage people, every day,
To do so, in everything we do; yes, even in this age, and even today.

But the mere mention
Of cleaning up our home; this is offensive
To some people, who look down their noses,
And they strike angry poses,
Claiming such a suggestion
Is a total outrage, and they go on the defensive.

I can’t stop from wondering how they’ll feel; when Earth goes sailing off through space,
Like a spinning baseball hit by a Louisville slugger...”wham!”... Right into the sun.
Mother Earth will someday put her babies in their places;
For she’s given us, chance after chance;
And she’s not happy at how her people keep on littering, and spitting in her face.
Mother Earth, many of your people have shown themselves as a disgrace.
It’s time to take care of our Mother...we are no longer suckling children;
We need to stand up and take on our responsibility; quit this procrastinational sin.
We need to admit, most things wrong here, we did it, so how to fix it?
We need to be more alert to what things we do, that could harm the place we live.
Careless acts, like tossing a cigarette butt out a window,
While driving through a drought ridden land
Will result in a forest fire that can turn into a destruction of property, and
Can even cause homelessness and deaths.
Be aware; thoughtless action is the main way sadness comes to be.
If we’re gonna do a difficult job, then by all means, do it the right way. That’s how to be.
JD Couch and JA Wayahowl (2-5-2013)

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